The Latest App Technology in Styling your Home

It can be disheartening to order a piece of coastal style furniture and realize after it arrived that it is completely wrong for your room. A pink sofa that was captivating in the showrooms might turn out to overwhelm your small space and the last thing you will definitely want to do is buying a heavy piece of furniture that you have to pay to return.

Amateur interior designers, rejoice! There’s currently a wealth of home decorating and improvement wisdom at the palm of the hand, as a result of the increasing amount of layout programs offered on your smartphone. From electronic mood boards to virtual advisers, they inspire. They supply. They assess the height of your ceiling. We have chosen some of the very best home decoration programs available to the industry at the moment. The digitally enhanced artwork interfaces are truly remarkable.

Furniture sellers and interior design firms have been rolling out new apps and online programs to help visualize that sofa in your living room, to visualize the house design and decoration needed to enhance the area. This app allows you to try furniture at home using virtual and augmented reality.

The new tool comes in three flavors and includes; 3-D features, styling apps, and interior decorating services.

  • The 3-D features allow you to place the furniture virtually in your room using your cellphone camera.
  • The styling apps enable you to snap a picture of your space clear it of all furniture and drop in new options as you shop online.
  • The interior design services is a do it all service that selects the furnishing on your behalf, creating the 3-d renderings of your room from the picture you provide.


On the 19th of September, Apple’s latest operating system for iPhones and iPads was rolled out along with a flurry of new apps that leverage Apple’s new augmented reality development platform. The home renovation and design site “Houzz” was among the apps with the latest version of3-D shopping feature (View in My Room 3D) which provide you the option to immediately place three-dimensional images of furniture for free. Whether you are looking for the interior design gold coast style then you can create this style by using the app.

If you are shopping online for your dining floor lamp, a tap of a button below the item will allow you see the lamp in your room through your phone’s camera and superimposing a 3-D image of the lamp on the screen

The new version of Houzz comes with a catalog of 500,000 products in 3-D. In this new version, the quirk in the previous version which required users to pinch and zoom furnishings into place is eliminated. This is achieved by automatically sizing images to scale. On September 26, a new version of “View in My Room 3-D” was released for Android users

The guesswork involved in figuring out whether that coffee table will actually fit in your cramped living room is totally removed when you view the images at scales. You can also view multiple items at once with each automatically added to a shopping list so you don’t have to leave the app to buy.

However, the app does not yet support ceiling lamps in 3-D so don’t try to virtually hang a ceiling lamp in your room

Houzz is a good, fast option if all you want is to get an idea of how a specific piece of furniture will look in your room. Hutch will also help you play around with different looks for free.

Modsy is also solid, low-cost alternative to seeing an interior designer in person usually for those us who want more hand-holding while decorating a room


Paint manufacturer and family title Sherman-Williams has solved your urge to dab the colour of your favourite landscape, or fabric, or function of art, or another source of inspiration, on your interior. The program can analyze the colours of any photograph in your smartphone and inform you which color of Sherman-Williams paint it fits. Peruse the contents of its 1,500-shade stock and use it into virtual sample chambers. Whether its commercial real estate or a home living room the app applies to all areas in which you want to paint.


Zillow Digs

Zillow, the searchable online database which has an estimate for (nearly) every property address in the usa, today gives the exact same support for home improvements and layout. The Zillow Digs program gives quotes on the collection of interior jobs in its own database, then sends one to retailers to help source your merchandise. In general, it lets you pick the job that fits with your price point. The program also provides information from actual interior designers, and also a social networking platform which lets you talk about, for example, and follow different users.


Homestyler Interior Design

HomeStyler bills itself as a “virtual fitting room,” and rightly so. Test different looks for your area by superimposing actual products, 3-D versions of coastal home décor accessories, furniture, etc. on a real photo of your living space. Share your thoughts from the Design Gallery, and have a peek at what everybody else is doing. Also browse portfolios and profiles of real designers in your area to ask questions and make connections.



Art fans everywhere: you owe the great folks behind Curate a significant thank-you. Gone are the times when you’ve got to intensely squint at a painting, drawing or lithograph and mystery over how it will appear in the circumstance of your property. Rather, Curate lets you virtually display the item, just upload a photograph of any blank wall to be able to provide you with a definite idea about how it’ll look in situ. You might even use the program to navigate pieces from your favourite artists and galleries, so you will not ever be left dangling (while hanging artwork) again. It is ideal for commercial property sales where you may want an art piece to enhance a particular area prior to the sale.

Randy Pearson