Biggest tech companies in the world.

Top Companies whose Technology run the globe


It has been a crazy 2018! Tech Firms were pummeled in the stock exchange in February; Facebook is now in the process of losing billions of dollars in value in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the former third-biggest company just recently leapfrogged the former number two. What we’re saying is, just how much a tech company’s worth can vary dramatically based on a news story. Then again, once you’re as large as these companies, what is a few billion dollars here or there, actually? Here are the largest tech companies in the world ranked by what they are worth on the stock exchange.


  1. Tencent — 4.27 HKD / $544.21 billion

Tencent never started Trading on a U.S. exchange. That makes it less well-known in these parts, particularly because the title itself is not attached to too many goods. One of the most prominent products are WeChat, the overriding messaging program in China, but Tencent is also included in web portals, e-commerce, music streaming, VR, and gambling. But, lots of its value comes from its investment arm, which partially or completely possesses companies inside a dizzying array of markets, including property and agriculture.


  1. Microsoft — $712.08 billion

Microsoft might have been the brunt of jokes for some time, but they are nowhere near obsolete. Windows remains the most common desktop/laptop operating system (MacOS is not even close), ensuring that a solid business based on encouraging enterprise applications. Their cloud providers pull in good money, too, while the Xbox division does not hurt. If Microsoft had managed to live in the smartphone market, they may have been closer to the peak of this list.


  1.  Alphabet — $760.92 billion

Here is where we insert the Useful reminder that this is Google. They made Alphabet as a type of umbrella company to cover all the different stuff that they were super into — besides Google, Alphabet possesses autonomous driving ensemble Waymo and AI firm DeepMind. But, the majority of those businesses are experimental — Google and their tremendous marketing and search engine company makes the lion’s share of the gain. That was good enough for number two with this list, but that changed this week.


  1. Amazon — $765.79 billion

The second-largest tech company, even though the margin is close enough to where they can change places on a whim. Their dominance in e-commerce is simply made more tantalizing once the potential is considered — despite Amazon’s size, online sales only accounted for a little over 9 per cent of all retail sales in December 2017. Amazon still has lots of growing to do, especially now that they have aggressively entered into markets by obtaining Whole Foods and are working on getting into healthcare. Add in their cloud services provided to other companies, and you have a monster.



  • Apple — $869.03 billion


Currently, Apple is way out On it’s in first. And, they are also kind of an oddity! Trick to what Apple does, in precisely the exact same manner that Facebook is nominally a social Network but really an advertising platform and information harvesting company. Apple Makes its money by making things people want (specifically, the iPhone), then Designing and designing each part of the experience — the hardware, the It is a company that demands complete dedication from Its customers so as to get the best possible experience, but with Apple Pushing $1 trillion in value, it is clear they have succeeded in earning that loyalty.

Randy Pearson